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"The doctor of the future will give little medicine but will interest his patients in  the  care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."


-Thomas A. Edison 








Nutritional Analysis and Consultation with Dr. Schroeder


At our Dublin office, we focus on the major components of health care: Structure, Stress, and Nutrition.  While working with the nutritional component, we release accumulated stress and toxins and provide the nutritional building blocks required for basic physiological function. From this approach we have found the body capable of correcting virtually all of the misalignments from healthy function that humans experience.  During your care with Dr. Schroeder, these pillars of foundational health function will be addressed and balanced to your personal optimum health while also addressing the specific complaint that may have compelled you to seek care.



Dr. Schroeder utilizes many methods to determine your current health status:


  • Blood testing

  • Digital Stethoscope (nutritional aspect of the heart rate rhythm and tone)

  • Whole body analysis (skin, nails, hair, tongue, and more)

  • Complete history

  • Symptom survey

  • Saliva/Hair/Urine testing

  • Moistsense detector

  • pH testing

  • Muscle testing

  • Heart sound recorder

…. And more!


After carefully assessing the gathered information, Dr. Schroeder determines if your body is responding correctly to its environment. Steps are then taken to create a positive change in your physiology to correct the atypical response, creating balance within. Potential treatments include: whole food supplementation, dietary alteration, herbal therapy, and lifestyle changes. All therapies are natural and supportive to the human body. 




   We are a Self-Healing Entity

Most people vastly underestimate the body’s ability to successfully achieve change and improvement because they have only tried fighting symptoms and disease while ignoring the underlying corrective functions the body innately undergoes.  This is what we base our success upon- supporting the body’s healing intelligence.

Conditions which patients have sought Dr. Schroeder’s advice for up-regulating their physiology and assisting their body in healing itself naturally are:


  • Immune burdens (sinus discomfort, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, dysbiosis/microbial imbalance, autoimmune imbalance, ect.)

  • Skin conditions (acne, rash, eczema, warts, discoloration, ect.)

  • Liver/gall bladder imbalance (gas/flatulence, toxicity, fatigue, headache, lipid/cholesterol, hemorrhoids, ect.)

  • Digestive disturbances (heart burn, indigestion/nausea, cramps, bloating, diarrhea/constipation, belching, ect.)

  • Metabolic imbalance (weight loss/gain, blood sugar issues, fatigue, memory, ect.)

  • Hormonal imbalance (adrenal fatigue, PMS,  menopause, fertility, menstruation issues, fatigue, libido, ect.)

  • Sleep disturbance (difficulty falling or staying asleep, night sweats, restlessness)

  • Mood Issues (depression, anxiety)





Let’s support our body and stop fighting its healing intelligence.

The way to support the body is by reducing toxic and immune burdens to the body, providing vital and energized nutrition, and practice a lifestyle that respects the subtle needs and rhythms of the body.  This is why we approach your health in a holistic way with the concept of evolution towards entire whole body healing process, strengthening system after system, tissue after tissue. Dr. Schroeder’s nutritional evaluations reveal internal imbalances and determine potential dietary alterations required for you to achieve optimal health. Click here to read about what to expect during your first appointment. 


Please fill out these forms before your first visit at Health From Within.


        "You are already on your healing path, I am merely here to guide you, help you avoid a few bumps, and show you

some short cuts because I know the body and respect its processes."   -Dr. Schroeder


Click here to learn more about the research on and benefits of whole food nutrition.






“With over 30,000 named diseases and the list growing yearly, it has become apparent that the real answer to these disease processes lies with foundational functions that give rise to health function and correction of abnormal processes resulting in disease.”  

– Dr. Stuart White 


We provide supplementation from...


Dr. Debra Schroeder is not nor claims to be a Dietician or Medical Doctor.  She does not treat nor claims to treat infectious disease.  Dr. Schroeder advises specific supplementation and diet alterations to support the body as a whole.  Any suggested nutritional or dietary advice is not intended as a primary treatment or therapy for any disease or particular symptom.


Nutritional counseling, vitamin recommendations, and nutritional advice is provided solely to upgrade the quality of foods in the patients’ diet in order to supply sound nutrition supporting the chiropractic adjustment, physiology, and biomechanical processes to the human body. 

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