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Here are a few stories from people who have experienced increased vitality and relief from pain through Dr. Schroeder's work:


I am so grateful for your inner strength and insistence on becoming a Doctor because without you and your expertise I don't know where I would be! You are an awesome Chiropractor and Nutrition practitioner and I am so thankful everyday that I found you!! You have changed my life!

-Michelle Y.

"I used to have chronic migraines, sometimes so bad I’d have to miss work. Dr Schroeder helped determine the causes of my problem through a careful assessment of my diet and posture. Now I rarely get headaches at all."

- Samantha

"I have a clerical job and have sat behind a computer for over 10 years. My bad posture and a minor injury have resulted in really uncomfortable back pain that has made it difficult to do things I love including live music and outdoor activities... and i’m only 32! I met with Dr. Deb at her Dublin, Ohio Office. Dr. Scrooeder not only determined what aspects of my job and my posture were causing the problem, but made adjustments to my back which gave me immediate relief and educated me on ways to prevent the problems in the future and her suggestions have made a huge difference in my day to day functions!"


"I referred a friend to Dr. Deb and here were her thoughts after her first visit: 'Going to the chiropractor was seriously the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. I feel amazing! Just amazing. She was so thorough and asked so many questions. I have so much pain relief, so many answers to my questions of why i’ve been having pain in certain areas and a plan of how to get rid of the pain." It is great to know my friend is on her way to living without so much pain!"

- Ashley

"Dr. Schroeder is amazing! She is so young and yet knows so much about how the body works. I have had problms with always

 being tired and so I made a nutritional appointment based upon a colleagues recommendation. She found that I had nutritional deficiencies and was able to give me a few supplements and a list of foods to avoid for a while and I immediately felt the results the next day. I can now focus, sleep well, and stay awake with little effort on my part. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Schroeder! I also went to her for chiropractic care and she was able to fix the pinched nerve issue I had in my lower back. I also now have full range movement in my neck and my headaches are close to non-existent"


- "No longer tired", Laurie

"I messed up my back sitting in a chair wrong for years and getting thrown off of a mechanical bull.  Seriously.  Dr. Deb not only helped me through the pain but put things back in order and gave me some exercises which have helped strengthen my core and prevent future issues.  Super knowledgeable.  Unfortunately I moved out of Ohio and, 3 chiropractors later, have yet to find someone comparable."

- Kelley

I have been visiting Health From Within monthly for at least the last 6 months now, and have found Dr. Schroeder to be very personable, knowledgeable and proficient at getting me to be 100% pain free whenever I have any back or foot issues. In addition, since I am Diabetic and have been dieting, it is great to have someone who I can also get nutrition advice from when needed. Also, the office staff has always been very good. Nothing can turn you off visiting an office quite so much as when the first person you talk to on the phone or who greets you at the front desk is less than cordial. Both Deb and Maddie at the front desk have been the nicest people you could ask for!

If you are in the Dublin area, and are in need of Chiropractic or Nutrition , this is a very good place to come to!

- Robin R.

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