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Nutriton/Holistic Care Explanation of Procedures

What to expect during your Nutritional Analysis with Dr. Schroeder:


Testing Modalities: A symptom survey, muscle testing, blood and urine analysis, and/or saliva testing are used to gather information on your health status. After carefully assessing the information, Dr. Schroeder determines if your body is responding correctly to its environment. Steps are then taken to create a positive change in your physiology to correct the atypical response, creating balance within. If further testing is needed from outside sources, Dr. Schroeder will explain the importance and direct you to those sources.


Our goal is to create balance within the body to allow for optimum health


  • First Visit:   The focus of the first visit is to create an optimal environment within your body for your Immune and Endocrine System to correct its deficiencies. During your visit, Dr. Schroeder will use a symptom survey and Kinesiological testing to determine your body’s weakness and suggest proper dietary means to support your body functions. A brief nutritional analysis will provide Dr. Schroeder with supplementation to provide your natural defenses an optimal healing environment. The number of supplements suggested is determined by your state of health; the average number of supplements recommended during an initial visit is four.

  • Second Visit:  During the second visit, Dr. Schroeder will assess your progression in creating an optimal environment for health. If your body has responded well to your new environment, more stressors will be tested to determine if your body holds more sensitivity. These new found sensitivies will be addressed in the same manner as in visit one. Food, chemical and hormonal sensitivities are usually addressed in visit two and three.

  • Subsequent Visits:    Prior found sensitivities will be monitored along with addressing new sensitivities. The number of visits is determined by your state of health and your health goals. Remember, we are working with natural products that do not overpower your own body’s healing potential, but rather enhances its natural ability to heal itself.


Supplements:   Supplements prescribed can be purchased in our office for your convenience. We ask that you call with your reorder at least two weeks in advance to allow adequate shipping time from the manufacturer. This will insure no interruption in your supplement and health regimen.





Dr. Schroeder is not a Registered Dietician or Medical Doctor. She does not treat infectious, contagious, or venereal diseases, perform surgery or acupuncture, or prescribe or administer drugs for treatment. Dr. Schroeder performs Clinical Nutrition under her Chiropractic Doctorate license. 

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