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What is Detoxification?


Detoxification comes in many forms and refers to many different programs that cleanse the body of toxins. Today, our environment is toxic. The foods we eat, the water we drink, and even the air we breathe are laden with chemicals foreign to our system. Everyone is undergoing some type of detoxification to maintain life and health. Although basic detoxification begins with diet, detoxification programs generally include nutritional fortification for the liver, kidneys, and bowels.  


Detoxification for the body may refer to the cleansing of the bowels, kidneys, lungs, the liver or the blood, since these are the organs involved in detoxification of chemicals and toxins from the body. The liver acts as an "in-line" filter for the removal of foreign substances and wastes from the blood. The kidneys filter wastes from the blood into the urine, while the lungs remove volatile gases as we breathe. 


Our body is designed to utilize natural substances, which includes foods, herbs and phytochemicals. Any foreign substance will serve as a stimulus to our immune system, which has the function of removing these substances. Although the toxicity of a chemical may vary, it is the job of the liver to reduce toxins into compounds that the body can safely handle and eliminate through the kidneys (as urine), skin (as sweat), lungs (as expelled air) and bowels (as feces).


Maintaining these eliminative organs in good working order is essential for one's good health to continue.  While there are many detoxification programs available, they differ in their actions and their intent. Some detoxification programs work only with the bowels, others may cleanse the liver or the blood, and others may aid the kidneys or the skin in their functions. By combining these detox programs into a total health program, one can effectively restore their health to an optimal level and look younger in the process. When the body can eliminate toxins, health is restored and energy and vigor are revitalized. Many different approaches to detoxification and wellness will work, even though they attack the problem at different levels. Any program that augments detoxification will improve health. Other factors must be considered in detoxification, like nutrition, water, and exercise, rest, sunshine, and fresh air.


Consult a physician educated in detoxification before starting any type of detoxification program. Some programs claiming to detoxify the body are actually harmful. Please be careful in choosing a detoxification program that is specific to your needs. 


When the body can eliminate toxins, health is restored and energy and vigor are revitalized.



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